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Meet Jeff



As a Tennessee Native and the son of Haitian immigrants, Jeff has a unique perspective that intersects to reflect the experience and understanding of our diverse community. Jeff grew up with a deep respect for public service and a strong belief in Tennessee and his community.

He attended Milligan College where he earned a degree in Political Science. While at Milligan, Jeff worked to increase the level of representation at every level. He served on several student organizations as well as a direct appointment to a Task Force responsible for hiring a more representative faculty and staff. 


After Milligan, Jeff worked with the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism as an open source intelligence analyst before starting law school. During his first year of law school, Jeff helped to create the Charlotte Community Coalition and the Heal Charlotte Initiative in the wake of the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. Jeff went on to graduate from Lincoln Memorial University with his law degree and immediately went to work with the Nashville Public Defender. 

Jeff has a fierce dedication to serving and working to improve his community. He will bring a long history of service, perspective, and lived experience to the State House to ensure that your voice is elevated. Feel free to reach out and get to know Jeff, he looks forward to meeting you.

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